French Army Motorcycle Police Body Armor Protective Jacket, Skyddsjacka MC Skydd

Används av franska polisen, franska armén och den franska militära MC-polisen som ställer extremt höga kvalitetskrav för utrustning.
Framtagen för rättsväsendet och militära applikationer. Designad för att ge överlägset slagskydd och komfort.
Ger bra skydd samtidigt som du förblir flexibel och bekväm.
Presterar bra över ett brett temperaturområde och har testas i fält av soldater och specialenheter, vilket gör dem idealiska för försvars- och PPE-marknaden i synnerhet.

Used by French Police, French Army and French Military MC Police which set extremely high quality requirements for equipment.
Created for law enforcement and military applications. Designed to provide superior impact protection and comfort.
Offers great protection whilst remaining flexible and comfortable.
Perform well across a wide range of temperatures and are field-tested by soldiers and specialist units in combat, making them ideal for the defence and PPE market in particular.

Originally this motorcycle armor was manufactured under French police contract and designed with the newest safety technology.
Bright orange panels are a high-tech "dilatant" material and display properties similar to a non-Newtonian fluid: each stays pliable and flexible under normal conditions, yet instantly firm up under stress for maximum shock-absorbing potential.
Each panel is sewn into the included mesh lining for wear under a typical police motorcycle jacket.
The mesh lining is sized for a tight fit, but you could easily cut out the armor panels (which are the cool part!) and add them to your own custom motorcycle armor solution.

• High-tech dilatant smart armor panels cover shoulders and arms
• Nylon and polyester stretch fabric
• Mesh lining is sized for a tight fit
• Wear as-is, or cut out armor panels and modify for your own custom project

Material: Nylon/polyester

Please note that this is military surplus, therefore there may be small variations in model and color.

• Condition: New / NOS (New Old Stock) (long-term stored in military storage)
• Size: Small
• Color: Black / Orange
• Manufacturer:  Military surplus product
• Order Number: MF627725

French Army Body Armor Jacket [S] French Army Motorcycle Police ...

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