NOS (New Old Stock) NATO 40mm gasmaskfilter med aktivt kol (aldrig använt).

Gänga: 40mm NATO Standard.
Standardiserad skruvgänga (stanag 4155:1981) för alla Nato-länder.
Skruvgängans stigning är 3,63mm (1/7").

Passar väldigt många gasmasker, här nedan följer ett antal kända modeller som använder 40mm STANAG NATO Standard gänga:

93M, ABC-92, Airboss Low Burden, ARF-A, B-2/G, BEM-4GP, Biomaszk, C4, C420, CFF, CM-5D, CM-6, COBRA, Ephese, Fernez, FM 7700, FM12, FMJ09, FMJ10, Forsheda A4, FP-5, FP-6, GSR, IMA, IMB, K1, K3, Korean Evolution 5000, LF-62, LFC, LFG, LGP62, M-2, M.91, M15, M2000, M3, M40, M45, M6-87, M74, M85, M90, M95, MCU-2/P, MF-11, MF-22, MKE, Model 4A1, MP-5, MP-6, MSA Millennium, MSA Ultravue, MSA/DEF TEC Phalanx, MSF09, MT 213/2 DANKA, MT 313/4 DANKA, OM-90, P-13, P2085, PRO 2000, R05, R18, R350 Altavisión, S10, S3, S6, Scott FRR, Scott M120, Skyddsmask 51, Skyddsmask 90, SM3, SM90, SR 200, SR10 Panaromic, SR10ST, SR6M, Type 4, XM29, XM30, XM40.

These filters consist of activated carbon powder as well as fiberglass filters, high quality aluminum housings.
In principle, the filter can be stored for almost any length of time because carbon aluminum and glass do not age.
If the filters are stored correctly, most experts agree that they are functional for at least 40-50 years.

If you use these filters for work at eg. construction work, painting, demolition, decontamination you need to change filters occasionally. When the filter is slow to breathe through, it is time to change the filter because the filter is then clogged with particles.
When using toxic flue gases, it is recommended to change filters every day.
When used against non-toxic gases such as tear gas or pepper spray, you can use the filter until you feel the gas

• NBC Protection (Nuclear, Biological, Chemical)
• CBRN Protection (Chemical, Biological, Radiological and Nuclear defense)
(These filters may have passed their expiration date, therefore the above protection classes can not be guaranteed)
Probably works but since no one can guarantee this, these filters are sold as collectibles.
Note that gas masks and this type of filter not provide protection against carbon monoxide in the event of fire (in case of fire oxygen is required).

• Asbestos Abatement
• Chemical
• Fire Fighting
• Foundries & Metal Production
• Government
• Hazardous Materials
• Pandemics
• Mining
• Nuclear Industry
• Oil & Gas
• Paper & Pulp
• Power Plants & Electricity
• Waste & Water Treatment
• Welding

• Date and markings shown in the photo may vary and the gas mask filter is expired.
• Not classified as civilian personal protective equipment.
• Safety features cannot be guaranteed therefore the equipment is sold as collectibles.

Please note that this is military surplus, therefore there may be small variations in model and color.

• Condition: Never used / NOS (New Old Stock) (long-term stored in military storage)
• Color: Black
• Manufacturer: Military surplus product
• Order Number: MF627588

Gasmask Filter STANAG CFF4 [40mm] 40mm Military Gasmask Filter 4...

Det ursprungliga priset var: 179,00 kr.Det nuvarande priset är: 145,00 kr.

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