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Electro River is a new quality on the power supply market. The manufacturer has set for himself a goal to create a product whose quality will match even the best players on the market of batteries whilst at the same time retaining an attractive price. Electro River attempts to meet the needs of players. The brand’s offer includes efficient LiPo packs in many types and sizes, microprocessor chargers and accessories.

Each river starts its course from a source. Exactly the same as the Electro River battery, which will not be able to operate efficiently without the powering source that is the charger. Flux is an economic and intelligent microprocessor charger, which allows for reliable charging of the most popular cell types available on the market (LiPo/LiFe/NiMH). The charger is equipped with a balancer and easy to read information display system, based on colour LED diodes.

This charger IS NOT suitable to charge multiple batteries / accumulators one after another, doing this may lead to internal parts being damaged. Thus a pause of at least 2 hours long is required between each consequent recharge.

The set includes:
– charger
– power cable
– set of Tamiya small/large
– manual

• Input Voltage: 100-240V (AC)
• Charging Voltage: 3A max
• Max Charging Rate: 25W
• Charger Type: LiPo/LiFe/NiMH
• Balancing Current: 200 mAh
• Material: Polymer
• Measurements: 90 x 60 x 30 mm
• Weight: 90g

• Condition: New
• Color: Yellow
• Manufacturer: Electro River
• Order Number: AIR1006

Electro River - Flux Universal Charger Electro River – Flux Uni...

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