Specna Arms SA-B02 ONE Carbine Rifle – Very High Quality Airsoft Rifle.
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Specna Arms karbingevär har exceptionell kvalitet och ett mycket attraktivt pris, deras karbingevär är lämpliga för både nybörjare och erfarna airsoft-spelare.

The rifle was fitted very well – in a way that it was previously observable only in the G&P or Classic Army class rifles. It was also perfectly balanced. This ensures a perfect maneuverability of the rifle while as its weight is almost not felt when you place the rifle on the shoulder.

The rifle uses a quick main spring exchange system, the so-called Enter & Convert™. This allows for a quick and fluent adaptation of the rifle’s power to the conditions of the battlefield without the need of having access to a workshop or a number of specialist tools – when you take the gearbox out the rifle’s body, the process of exchanging the main spring takes literally seconds.

The advantages of the Enter & Convert™ system are hard to overestimate. In the light of the laws existing in Europe and which limit the muzzle velocity of the rifle and the establishments inside the airsoft society, this system guaranties the user great possibilities and more liberty. The Enter & Convert™ system allows to change the main spring in little amount of time, and, what is followed by this, adapted the muzzle velocity of the rifle to the battlefield so it guaranties a perfect compromise between effectiveness of firing and the safety of your own and other players.

The rifle was fully adapted to cooperate with LiPo and LiFe type batteries. Thanks to the basic muzzle velocity of about 410 FPS which is guaranteed by the default main spring, the rifle is perfect to be used in middle distances. The set also includes an M90 main spring which allows to decrease the muzzle velocity to about 310 FPS making the rifle perfectly adapted for short range operations or fighting inside buildings.

The gearbox which is reinforced on the height of the cylinder’s head hides a steel main spring guide which is the element of the Enter & Convert™ system and also 8mm ball bearings and steel thread-wheels which are placed on spacers. The system is secured with the use of four anti-reversals. There is a type 2 cylinder and the steel breaker. Rifle is factory-fitted with and accurate, rotary type polymer Hop-Up unit that allows very precise and stable regulation of BB overclocking.

The Upgraded Version is equipped with some new, improved internal parts:
– set of reinforced steel gears
– steel spring guide
– lightweight, polymer piston
– aluminum, sealed piston head
– metal cylinder head
– air seal metal nozzle

The rifle is equipped with a top 22mm RIS rail, a set of front 22mm RIS rails and an adjustable stock. The top RIS rail holds the flip-up type iron aiming sights which can be easily detached and replaced with any optical-electronic aiming devices. Thanks to the collapsible stock which is ended with a anti-skid stock’s foot, it is possible to adapt the rifle’s length to the built and the preferences of the shooter. The default muzzle flash-hider is placed on a 14mm counter-clockwise thread what allows the attachment of a sound suppressor in its place.

In order to increase the realism level, the rifle was equipped with a functional bolt catch lever.

The rifle set also includes a steel hi-cap type magazine which holds 300 BB pellets.

Additional accessories shown in photographs are not included in the kit!
The set does not include the battery nor charger.

The set includes:
– Airsoft rifle
– Magazine
– The iron aiming sights
– Additional main spring

• Automatic electric guns: Assault rifles / Carbines
• Battery included: No
• Blow Back: No
• Colour: Black
• Gearbox version: Modified v2 Gearbox
• Hop-Up: Yes
• Inner barrel length: 290 mm
• Length: 765-798 mm
• Made of: plastic + metal
• Magazine capacity: 300 pcs
• Magazine type: Hi-Cap magazine
• Manufacturer: Specna Arms
• Propulsion / Powered by: Electric
• Quick Spring Change System: YES
• Type of fire: Safe/Semi/Auto
• Velocity: ~400 / ~310 FPS
• Battery connector: Tamiya, small, battery located in the piston
• Battery type: 7.4-9.9V split/nun-chuck LiPo- or LiFe-battery
• Recommended battery power: 7,4 V
• Weight: 2580 g

• Condition: New
• Color: Black
• Manufacturer: Specna Arms
• Order Number: AIR1010

Specna Arms SA-B02 ONE Carbine Rifle Specna Arms SA-B02 ONE Carbine...

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