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E&L AR15 ELAR SOPMOD II Assault Rifle Platinum Version – High Quality Airsoft.
(Alla bilder och full beskrivning finns på Westico)
E&L Airsoft är ett företag som är känt för produktion av realistiska och praktiskt taget oförstörbara repliker.
I det här fallet kan vi erbjuda dig en utmärkt kopia av den amerikanska AR15.
I enlighet med E&L-standarden är detta ett gevär med mycket hög kvalitet på utförande, tillförlitlighet och material.

Platinum-versionen kännetecknas av extrem prestanda och kvalitet i absoluta topp-klass, tillverkas med CNC-teknik för bästa precision.
Tillverkad helt i metall, med undantag av gevärsstock och pistolgrepp som gjordes identiskt med originalet av högkvalitativ polymer.
Förpackningen innehåller inte batteri eller laddare.

För mer detaljerad information, se nedan.

Because E&L airsoft weapons are manufactured in the same factory as the original firearms and use the same materials and components, they are indistinguishable from firearms. The maximum number of elements was made in a ratio of 1: 1 according to military specifications, so it is possible to change the parts (lids, sights) between the E&L rifle and the original.

E&L Platinum series is top notch quality with tweaked internal parts, extremly good performance and durability known from hi-end class airsoft weapons.

The rifle was made entirely from metal, with the exception of elements such as the stock and pistol grip, which were made from polymer as in the live firearm original. The receiver and RIS hand guard of the rifle was made from aluminium. A rarity in airsoft AR15 rifles – a steel external barrel. Apart from the barrel, steel parts also include the front sight base, flash hider, stock ring, mock bolt carrier, shell ejection window flap as well as all manipulators such as the trigger or fire mode selector. Parts of the entire construction fit very well together and it gives a really solid impression. One that the user will not have to worry about even during most demanding of airsoft games.

AR15 rifle by E&L are equipped with a specially designed, reinforced gearbox V2.It features a Quick Spring Release system that allows for rapid change of the main spring. It allows for quick adaptation of the rifles power to the needs of the user via main spring exchange without the need to take out and open the gearbox and, as a result, the need to have access to a workshop or special tools. All that is necessary is to loosen the stock slide ring, unscrew the stock and remove the spring slide, which lasts literally several seconds!
What components exactly will we find inside E&L AR15 PLATINUM Version?
– the new type, reinforced gearbox skeleton is mounted on 9mm ball bearings and adapted to the Quick Spring Release system
– bearing-mounted spring slide QSR (Quick Spring Release)
– a set of steel gears made with the use of precise CNC machines.
– one-piece, steel cylinder made with the use of precise CNC machines
– a sealed nozzle with additional O-ring
– a set of 9 mm ball bearings
– reinforced POM piston
– a muffled piston head
– low-resistance, silver-plated wiring
– efficient High Torque M170 motor on neodymium magnets

The set includes a steel, Mid-Cap magazine with a capacity of up to ~120 BBs.
The set does not include a battery or a charger.

The set includes:
– Airsoft rifle
– magazine
– User’s manual
– flip-up iron sights for a RIS rail
– 2 x rubber, protective panel for a RIS rail

• Automatic electric guns: Assault rifles/Carbines
• Battery included: No
• Blow Back: No
• Diameter of bearings in GB: 9 mm
• Gearbox version: Modified v2 Gearbox
• Hop-Up: Yes
• Inner barrel length: 380 mm
• Length: 810-890 mm
• Made of: plastic + metal
• Magazine capacity: 120 pcs
• Magazine type: Mid-Cap
• Manufacturer: E&L Airsoft
• Propulsion / Powered by: Electric
• Quick Spring Change System: YES
• Type of fire: Single, auto
• Velocity: ~395 FPS
• Weight: 3265 g

• Condition: New
• Color: Black
• Manufacturer: E&L Airsoft
• Order Number: AIR1003


Det ursprungliga priset var: 4.809,00 kr.Det nuvarande priset är: 3.985,00 kr.

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