The RF-10 radio station is a portable high-wave radio station from the army of the Czech Republic, it is used by military company and platoons, and other communications.
The radio station device allows wireless signaling.
Introduced to the Czech Army in 1973 and was produced by TESLA Company.

• Complete military radio station type RF-10
• Frequency range 44,000 to 53,975 MHz
• Channel grid: 25KHz
• Channels: 400
• LF power: 30mW
• Sensitivity: 0.5µV
• Max Range: 20km
• Power supply from 4.8 to 7.8 VDc.
• Transmitter power 1 W
• Powered by a 5-cell NICD 4000 battery with a total voltage of 6V
• Antenna components:
With rod antenna 0.5m long – 1km
With rod antenna 1.5m long – 5km
With wire suspension antenna 3.34m long – 10km
With wire directional semi-square antenna 30m long -20km
• Supplied complete:
includes, short, long and wired antenna, battery, handset, shoulder case, polystyrene carrying case.
• Package dimensions 50 x 37 x 16 cm
• Weight: approx. 8kg (incl. Bag and accessories)
• Weight radio: approx. 3kg

Instructions for changing the battery can be found on Youtube.
You can find a suitable battery on google if you search for:
"6V 3,2Ah CT (AGM) batteri 134x60x34"

• Radio station (Good visual condition)
• Power box with battery (battery not functional)
• Handset (Good visual condition)
• Rod antenna 0.5 m long (used surplus)
• Beam antenna 1.5 m long (used surplus)
• Wire hanging antenna on the coil
• Wire directional semi-square antenna on the coil
• Hanging rope on a spool
• Two carrying straps
• Transverse wide strap
• Bag to the radio station
• Power bag
• Kit recorder, technical sheet, operating instructions and list of items in the kit
• Shipping box
• Set of spare parts (according to the list)

Please note that this is used military surplus, therefore there may be variations in condition, model and color.
We did not test these units, therefore we cannot guarantee the functionality.

• Condition: Overall normal or good visual condition (may have marks and scuffs)
• Color: Green
• Manufacturer: Military surplus product
• Order Number: MF637220

Czech Army Portable Radio Set RF10 VHF Czech Army Military Portable R...

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