Suitable for just about any cutting activity where a superior quality knife is key to success and is an effective tool for any person.
Produced using some incredibly strong materials, these fixed blade knives will retain a good edge for longer periods of time than blades crafted using lesser materials.
The handle will give you a tremendous grasp in virtually any scenario.

For use with the 5.56mm. NATO caliber CETME Model L assault rifle, a Spanish variant of the HK33.
The CETME Model L superseded the 7.62mm. NATO caliber CETME Model C rifle beginning in 1986.
The CETME Model L bayonet's blade is patterned after the U.S. M4 bayonet-knife, but is 57mm longer than the more common H & K G3 bayonet.
It has an 11–groove green sturdy and durable plastic grip.
It has a broad plain crosspiece secured by two domed rivets, similar to the Rheinmetall G3 bayonet.
The blade, guard, and pommel are painted black. The scabbard is closely patterned after the M1964 scabbard.

The sheath is of the same type as M58 bayonet and can be attached to a perforated belt.
This is the second model designed for the navy.

Total length: 35.5cm
Blade length: 22.5cm
Blade width: approx. 5mm
Weight: 415gr (bayonet only)
Weight: 573gr (bayonet + sheath)

Please note that this is military surplus, therefore there may be small variations in condition, model and color.

ATTENTION: You must be over 18 to buy!

• Condition: Used / Second-hand (may have marks and scuffs)
• Color: Black
• Manufacturer: Military surplus product
• Order Number: MF644135

Spanish Navy Bayonet M56 CETME [L](Used) Genuine Original Spanish Navy ...

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