The rifle is made mostly of light and durable plastic. Thanks to a license granted by the German armaments plants Heckler & Koch GmbH, a manufacturer of firearms, we can enjoy the eye original markings and nomenclature.

The carabiner is equipped with a long RIS 22mm mounting rail on the upper grip, enabling the installation of various types of optical sights, as well as the enclosed closed-type collimator. There are 3 22mm RIS mounting rails mounted on the front grip. The battery is located inside the front grip – it can be quickly removed with the push of a button.

Inside the rifle you will find a solidly fitted mechanism powered by an electric motor. Compact size and moderate muzzle velocity of ~ 120 FPS make the G36C an ideal tool for airsoft CQB operations. The rifle will also be a great choice for people starting their adventure with airsoft.

The low-cap magazine is made of plastic. Its capacity is 48 BBs. The magazine also has hooks that allow you to connect several magazines with each other. The set also includes a device that accelerates the loading of the magazine with BBs.

The box with the rifle includes a very extensive and interesting set that allows you to fully use the mounting rails and personalize the rifle to your own preferences. The most interesting additions include a red dot sight – powered by a single CR2025 battery. The cross is red in color, you can also adjust the intensity of its illumination, and the collimator knobs allow for full calibration of the cross right / left / up / down.

The kit includes:
• G36 C AEG rifle
• Magazine
• Battery
• Charger
• Sight – Closed collimator (optical sight)
• Battery to collimator
• Carrying strap
• Vertical tactical grip
• Ramrod
• Fire suppressor
• Screwdriver for G36

• Velocity: ~ 120 FPS
• Propulsion / Powered by: Electric
• Gearbox version: Special Gearbox
• Type of fire: Single, auto
• Length: 510/730 mm
• Weight: 1360 g
• Battery Capacity: 500 mAh
• Magazine type: Low-Cap magazine
• Magazine capacity: 48 pcs
• Hop-Up: Yes
• Blow Back: No
• Made of: plastic + metal
• Battery included: Yes
• Battery Voltage: 7.2 V
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• Condition: New
• Color: Black
• Manufacturer: Umarex (Heckler-Koch)
• Order Number: AIR1025

UMAREX - Heckler & Koch G36 Carbine Umarex – Heckler & ...

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