According to most reviews, REAL produces the world's absolute best field rations, made from the best raw materials which gives a fantastic taste.

NATO approved field ration that comprises all requirements for both nutrition and tricky logistical challenges. Backed up by probably some of the worlds toughest product tests, a unique product with great flexibility and quality in every detail.
REAL's entire concept is based on the Norwegian Armed Forces requirements for this type of product (cold climate rations), with regard to nutritional content, functionality, etc. It has been proven and developed through 30 years of experience.
Very small and light packaging that easily fits in your pocket on the field jacket.

Arctic Field Ration – Sports Muesli
Muesli mix with dates and apples.

MENU 6 – This is included:

• Sports Muesli (gluten, lactose, milk, soy)
• Whole wheat bread (gluten, milk)
• Energy drink
• Dark Chocolate (almond, milk, nuts, soy)
• Fruit Soup (sulphite)
• Peanut butter (milk, nuts, peanuts)
• Spoon
• Disinfectant wipe
• Zip-lock bag
• Coffee
• Chewing gum

5692 kJ / 1360 kcal per portion

Sports Muesli Ingredients:
Muesli (oatmeal, raisins (14%), wheat flakes (wheat, salt), bran flakes (corn flour, whole rye, wheat bran, sugar, wheat malt, salt), flax seeds (5%), dates (3%), apple chunks (apple, sugar) (3%)) (60%), powdered milk, soy protein, sugar.

Allergens: gluten, lactose, milk, soy.

• Availability: Ships within 3-6 working days
• Manufacturer: Drytech Norway
• Order Number: DT3002-6

REAL Arctic Ration [MENU 6] Sports Muesli – Norwegia...

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