En utsökt frukost och för göra den ännu saftigare och friskare har man tilsatt färska frystorkade äpplen.
Produkten innehåller äkta smör (82%) för högre näringsvärde.
100% naturligt, utan konserveringsmedel och tillsatser.

Vid rekommenderad mängd tillsatt vatten blir denna portion ca. 3,5 dl.
Energiinnehållet per portion är 390 kcal.

Havregryn (72%), mjölk, äpple (10%), smör, socker, kanel, salt. Kan innehålla spår av selleri och senap.


Oatmeal and Apples 90g

A delicious breakfast to which fresh freeze-dried apples have been added in order to give juiciness and freshness.
The product contains real 82% butter for higher nutritional value.
100% natural, without preservatives and additives.

At the recommended amount of added water, this portion will be approx. 3,5 dl.
Energy content per portion is 390 kcal.

Rolled oats (72%), milk, apple (10%), butter, sugar, cinnamon, salt. May contain traces of celery and mustard.

Designed for special forces, now available for you!

• Taste that reminds you of home, even in the toughest conditions
• A satisfying meal, loads of energy, no empty calories
• Only natural and balanced ingredients

FAST & EASY TO PREPARE – Even in the Most Difficult Conditions.
Ready in 10 minutes, just add hot water, wait a bit and enjoy.

• Open the package
• Remove oxygen absorber
• Add hot water
• Stir
• Close the bag and wait 7-9 min


– Unique material:
• Fully integrates comfort and efficiency, can be placed directly over a small fire

– Easy to reach:
• Lower package, so no need to get messy to reach the bottom

– No folds or corners:
• Rounded corners inside mean no more fishing around for that last bit

– A seal you can trust:

• Special design grip means no more leaks

– Recognised design:
• Received the 2017 Bronze Egg award in packaging design

PRESERVATION TIME IS 8 YEARS: (unless otherwise stated above)
Thanks to a special technology, Tactical Foodpack can offer a “best before” of 8 years. Even after that, the food is completely edible, as the environment created is 99.9% dry and thus, unsuitable for bacteria. However, after that time, the taste and structure of food may change a bit and in order to ensure the best quality, our preservation time is currently set to 8 years.

• Manufacturer: Tactical Foodpack
• Country of origin: Estonia
• EAN: 4744698010120
• Taric: 20052010
• Order number: TF008

Oatmeal and Apples - Tactical Foodpack Oatmeal and Apples [Tactical F...

Det ursprungliga priset var: 99,00 kr.Det nuvarande priset är: 75,00 kr.

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