Oanvänd (NOS) stridshjälm i kraftig stålkonstruktion från Warszawapaktens kalla krigets dagar.

Just denna gråa modellen tillverkades 1966-1989 för polska flygvapnet / flottan och användes ända fram till att Polen gick med i NATO 1999.
Även om hjälmen aldrig är använd så har den spår och märken från långtidsförvaring.
Storlek kan justeras något, modellen kan variera mellan wz.67 och wz.67/75 (se bild).


Combat helmet wz. 67 – Polish steel helmet used by the Polish Armed Forces.

Work on a new steel helmet to replace the previously used wz. 50 , started at the Military Institute of Armament Technology in 1964. The construction team was led by Colonel MSc. Romuald Zimny. The helmet was officially adopted on April 21, 1967.

The shape of the helmet is reminiscent of the pre-war wz. 31. The shell is pressed from a special steel sheet with a thickness of 1.4 mm. It has a slightly marked peak and a tiny brim.

In wz. 67 there are three types of interior fittings. The first type is a interior used in wz. 50. The second (the most common) is mounted on a load-bearing element in the form of a metal rim. A leather belt cut into eight elongated leaves is attached to it. Each of them was sewn together at the end to create a tunnel. A shoelace is threaded through the tunnels, thus creating a kind of a hat. The fascia is attached to the shell with one screw located on the top of the helmet. Such a procedure significantly facilitates the replacement of the damaged facade, as well as its quick disassembly, which allows wearing the helmet directly on the fur cap in winter. The chin strap, made of leather, attaches directly to the shell. It is fastened with a metal buckle.

The third type of interior equipment was introduced in 1977. The new interior consists of a metal frame, a complex arrangement of straps and a leather “hammock”. The hammock can be adjusted to suit any head size. The new fit allows the helmet to be held firmly on the back of the head so that it does not slip over the face, for example when crawling. Helmets with such equipment are designated as wz. 67/75.

Initially, it was planned to paint the helmets with anti-reflective varnish “Salamandra”, similarly to the helmets wz. 31, however, the idea was abandoned. Serial helmets were painted with smooth semi-matt varnish in two colors: green (for land forces) and gray-blue (for air forces , National Air Defense Forces , Navy and Coastal Defense units). The helmets were painted (or applied in the form of decals) with the sign of the eagle of the Land Forces or Air Forces. On helmets intended for WSWmarked accordingly. For the purpose of disguising the helmets wz. 67 are equipped with a masking net and a special face shield. In helmets for land forces, the mesh and cover were in khaki color, and in gray-blue helmets – in the same color. In winter, white covers were used.

• Very tough steel material
• Comfortable full leather inside
• Shock absorbent interior
• Adjustable leather Chinstrap
• Size: can be adjusted slightly with the interior
• Weight: 1.8kg
• Content: Steel shell / Leather chin strap
• Colour: Grey

Please note that this is military surplus, therefore there may be small variations in model and color. May have visible traces from long-term storage.

• Condition: Never used / NOS (New Old Stock) (long-term stored in military storage)
• Manufacturer: Military surplus product

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