Polska civilförsvarets skyddsmask ML MC-1 försedd med 40mm Nato filter.
Skillnaden mellan MC-1 och MC-1 ML är slangen som enbart finns på ML versionen.
ML betyder Ludowa Maska alltså folkets mask eller folkmasken.
ML-masken är en exakt klon av den sovjetiska gasmasken GP-4u.
En liten och smidig gasmask som sitter bekvämt på huvudet.
De runda överdimensionerade okularen möjliggör ett helt överlägset synfält.
Gasmasken och filtret har aldrig använts.

Denna modell har tillverkats i storlekarna 0-3.
Storlek – 0 Liten: 97-105 mm
Storlek – 1 Medium: 106-115 mm
Storlek – 2 Large: 116-126 mm
Storlek – 3 XL: 127-138 mm *Extreme Rare Size*
(Mät avståndet mitt emellan ögonbrynen ned till underkant av hakan)

OBS: Masken kan fortfarande ha spår av talk som använts för att bevara gummit, kan sköljas bort med ljummet vatten.


The following is included:
• 1x ML MC1 Gas Mask (Never Used)
• 1x NATO 40mm gas mask filter (filter with activated carbon) (Never Used)
• 1x Gas Mask Bag (model may vary)
NOTE: Filter brands may vary, it may not be the same as in the picture. We ship what is in stock at the moment.

The Polish MC-1 Gas Mask features several design elements from gas masks in the Czech Republic and Israel. Borrowing these key features, namely the 6-point adjustable head strap and speech diaphragm, soldiers in the Polish army were provided with a superior gas mask that afforded optimum protection and comfort. The Polish army designed the MC-1 to have oversized round eyepieces allowing for a superior field of vision.

Poland’s military originally developed the MC-1 to protect troops from nuclear, biological, chemical and radiation threats. It features design elements from Czech and Israeli standard gas masks and uses NATO standard 40mm filters.
With its six-point adjustable head strap, pliable rubber construction and speech diaphragm, the MC-1 afforded Polish soldiers superior protection and surprising comfort.
Today, these masks are sought after by collectors due to their unique style, which includes circular glass eyepieces and a speech diaphragm.

The mask was made from grey rubber. It has a black plastic inlet/exit valve assembly and an olive green fabric 6 point headstrap. The eyepieces are glass, held on with crimped metal and fabric. Air enters the mask via Tissot tubes and exits through the exit valve/voice diaphragm. The voice diaphragm contains a metal mesh (similar to a wire kitchen sifter) covering it, it also has a thin plastic disc behind the metal mesh. The plastic disc is thin and slightly translucent, which becomes obvious when a flashlight is put behind the voice diaphragm. The mask is relatively light and is a simple design.

• Includes gas mask bag & 40mm filter (color may vary)
• Supple yet tough rubber facemask
• Snug 6-point adjustable harness
• Integrated speech diaphragm
• Boasts oversized round eyepieces
• Developed to protect against chemical, biological, radiological threats

• Voice Emitter (Röst Membran) = Yes
• Filter: 40mm Nato filter
• Weight: 356g (gasmask), 950g (gasmask, filter, bag)
• Country: Poland
• Period: -1989
• Issued to: Ludowe Wojsko Polskie Army
• Manufacturer: Faser

• Date and Markings shown in the photo may vary.
• Please be aware that there is no guarantee of age or validity on these filters.
• According to binding EC laws, all military masks on sale at all required a CE certificate. This is, of course, not possible afterwards. The actual use for protective purposes is therefore at your own risk and not suitable for protective purposes, only for decorative and collector’s.

A cold war relic from an age of nuclear doom!
A genuine piece of history! Order yours today!

NOTE: This is military surplus, therefore there may be small variations in model and color.
Filters may have marks and chafing caused by transport and long-term storage, this does not affect the function.

• Condition: Never used / NOS (New Old Stock) (long-term stored in military storage)
• Condition: The bags can have handwritten numbers with size.
• Color: Gray or green (we send what is in stock)
• Manufacturer: Military surplus product

gp 4u polish soviet gas mask (GROUP) Gasmask GP-4u / ML MC-1 + NAT...

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