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EXTREME ARCTIC Winter Polar Boots From Fox Outdoor.

These are very special lightweight boots designed for use in extremely cold polar regions for use down to -70°C.
Outsole of quality rubber, the rough pattern gives a fantastic grip and is non-slip even on clean ice.
The inner shoe is covered with foil to provide a superior resistance to moisture and cold.
To prevent snow, wind and moisture from penetrating, the boots are equipped with drawstrings at the top.
Boots are also equipped with reflective tape at the top, for good visibility of the wearer.

Removable multi layer HI TECH inner boot and insole provides ultimate thermal insulation, moisture management and unparalleled comfort.

1. Polypropylene layer wicks perspiration away from the foot.
2. Felt layer traps warm air and provides excellent thermal insualation.
3. Heat reflecting foil layer keeps cold out and keeps body heat to the foot.
4. Open cell foam layer provides light weight insulation, comfort and breathability.
5. 200-400 grams (-70°C comfort rating) Thinsulate hollow fibre layer traps air and provides super ior thermal insulation.

100 % natural rubber bottom offers many superior properties.

1. Best natural thermal insualtion.
2. Best non skid traction.
3. Best flexibility in low temperature.
4. Best abrasion resistance.

Durable and water resistant shaft stands up to many years of use.

1. Water resistant coating.
2. Abrasion resistant materials.
3. Polyester fibre insualted shaft.
4. Rugged fastening system.
5. High reflection braid.

• Size: 44
• Height: 42cm
• Inner dimensions without inner-shoe: 31cm
• Inner dimensions with inner-shoe: 26cm

• Condition: New
• Color: Black
• Manufacturer: FoX Outdoor, Germany
• Order Number: MF18413A-44

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