Red Army "Elephant"Gasmask GP-5 / ShM-41M / SzM-41M are all very similar gas masks, it is only very small details that distinguish them. The Soviet gas mask GP-5 is based on the Soviet gas mask ShM-41M and these masks were from the beginning basically the same mask. Gas mask SzM-41M is basically the same gas mask as ShM-41M, SzM-41M is a Polish licensed production of the Soviet ShM-41M.

This gas mask is very popular in Mil-Sim, Paintball and Airsoft, but also very popular collectors mask.

• SzM-41M "Elephant" [Size 1 Medium]
• Filter
• Gas mask hose (tube)
• Carrying bag

NOTE: Mask is unused but have marks and scuffs from long-term storage.
Filter is unused but has clear traces of long-term storage and paint flakes has loosened.
Carrying bag, color, condition and model may differ from the pictures.


Manufactured in the following sizes:
• Size 0 = XS [60-63cm] (Kids)
• Size 1 = Small [63-65cm] (most women and youngsters)
• Size 2 = Medium [66-68cm] (universal & fits most people)
• Size 3 = Large [68-70cm]
• Size 4 = XL [over 71cm]

To determine your size, measure the vertical circumference of your head.
Use a tape measure and measure from the top of the head down to the chin along the cheeks.
Sizes 2 and 3 fit 90% of all adult men.


• Filter: Canister filter
• Weight: 1.516 kg, /w bag 1.810 kg
• Country: Poland
• Period: 1960s – 80s
• Issued to: Ludowe Wojsko Polskie Army
• Manufacturer: Faser

The mask had a 40mm thread that was connected to the filter by a black hose. The filter itself was a green, circural style filter designated EO-14, similar to the Soviet EO-12.

Comes with two paint variants: Light green and Camo wz. 58 "Deszczyk".
Meant to be carried on shoulder but due lack of chest belt availability and high interia, soldiers use to carry it on back.
Inside it's divided to three bays for mask's equipment and one outside for field patch.

The gas mask are made of butyl rubber which makes them completely resistant to the effects of atmospheric oxidation.
Since the gas masks have been stored in a mobilization store for a very long time, both mask and bags can have different color changes.
There are also different manufacturing years on the masks, therefore during manufacture, different colors of rubber have been used in different years.


• Date and markings shown in the photo may vary and the gas mask filter is expired.
• Not classified as civilian personal protective equipment.
• Safety features cannot be guaranteed therefore the equipment is sold as collectibles.

Please note that this is military surplus, therefore there may be small variations in model and color.

• Condition: Never used / NOS (New Old Stock) (long-term stored in military storage)
• Color: White or gray (we ship what color is in stock)
• Manufacturer: Military surplus product
• Order Number: MIL00102-1

Elephant Gasmask GP5 / SzM-41M [1] Red Army “Elephant&#8221...

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