This used British army DPM webbing set is quality made and is very robust.
Note that this set is used surplus and the condition may differ from the pictures.

The system features a variety of gear attached to a center yoke.
Store a good amount of equipment in the utility pouches provided.
Hunters and airsofters can utilize the handy twin mag pouch.
The machete sheath is quick to access, while the heavy duty web belt and quality yoke brings everything together.
All of this gear can be moved around the system, to allow for a setup that suits the user.

• 2x Large utility pouches
• 2x Twin magazine pouches
• 1x Machete sheath
• 1x Sturdy P.L.C.E. web belt
• 1x Lightweight yoke

PLCE = Personal Load Carrying Equipment.

Please note that this is military surplus, therefore there may be variations in condition, model and color.

• Condition:  Used / Second-hand (may have names, marks and scuffs)
• Color: DPM Camouflage
• Manufacturer: Military surplus product
• Order Number: MF622356

British Army DPM Camo 7-Part Webbing British Army DPM Camo PLCE 7-P...

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