Ett mycket populärt och omtyckt vätskesystem från Brittiska armén.

An original hydration bag from the British Army's equipment – the inner bag with tube and mouthpiece is brand new. This is a classic hydration backpack equipped with a hydration bag for carrying drinking water or other drinks. In its category, this hydration bag is a really popular product, not only thanks to quality production materials. It makes work and movement very easy and is a very reliable water reservoir even in very difficult terrain.

The bag is in the bag inserted very easily and comfortably, thanks to the zipper on top of the backpack . The bag is equipped with a flexible drinking hose with a covered mouthpiece at the end. The mouthpiece and cover are replaceable. The bag is equipped with water flow control using the ON / OFF lever. Easy and fast refilling of the fluid into the bag is ensured by a large round hole in the upper part of the bag with a screw cap. There is easy access to the opening through the opening in the backpack, so it is not necessary to remove the bag from the backpack to refill it.

The backpack is carried classically using two adjustable shoulder straps. For easy carrying over short distances and for easier deployment, the backpack is equipped with three fabric handles. The six "D" rings located on the sides of the backpack allow the backpack to be attached to other equipment, such as a large backpack. "D" rings can be used to attach small equipment when carrying a separate backpack.

• Genuine issue from British army
• Two buckles at top and bottom
• Solid carrying handle
• Three D-rings on each side
• Label: "Individual Hydration System, MTP"
• Volume: ≈ 2.5 Liter
• Backpack material: 100% nylon
• Fastening: 2 adjustable shoulder straps
• NATO number NSN: 8465-99-151-4780
• Camouflage: MTP – Multi Terrain Pattern (compatible with Multicam)
• Manufacturer: MFH / CamelBak
• Army original
• Weight: ≈ 440g

Please note that this is military surplus, therefore there may be small variations in condition, model and color.

• Condition: Backpack is used in good condition and the inner bag is brand new.
• Color: MTP Camo
• Manufacturer: Military surplus product
• Order Number: MF630557

British Army CamelBak [2.5L] Genuine British Army CamelBak ...

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