Genuine British army sheath, with a bayonet newly produced by German MFH.
The bayonet combines a knife with wire cutters and a saw.
There is also a grindstone on the sheath.

• Blade laterally attached on the handle with smooth edge
• Hollow metal handle with hand guard and rifle barrel locking
• Usable as wire cutter in combination with sheath
• Saw and integrated grindstone
• Wire cutter
• 2x fixation points on the back each with 2 press buttons
• Click fastener inside for fastening the plastich sheath
• Original DPM sheath (Frog Bayonet)
• Total length: ca. 34,5 cm
• Blade: ca. 18 cm
• Weight bayonet: ca. 470 g
• Weight with sheath and pouch: ca. 950 g

ATTENTION: You must be over 18 to buy!

• Condition: New
• Color: DPM Woodland
• Manufacturer: MFH, Germany
• Order Number: MF44075

British Army Bayonet For SA80 Assault British Army Bayonet For SA80 ...

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