Denna färgglada och friska rödbetssoppa innehåller härlig fetaost.
Denna läckra och krämiga soppa är en fantastisk smakupplevelse för den sanna gourmeten.
100% naturligt, utan konserveringsmedel och tillsatser.

Vid rekommenderad mängd tillsatt vatten blir denna portion ca. 4,5 dl.
Energiinnehållet per portion är 274 kcal.

Rödbeta (35%), potatis, fetaost (10%), hackade tomater, lök, kryddor, salt. Kan innehålla spår av selleri och senap.


Beetroot and Feta Soup 60g

This colourful and healthy beetroot soup contains feta cheese.
This delicious and creamy soup is a real pleasure for the lovers of both vegetarian and meat dishes.
100% natural, without preservatives and additives.

At the recommended amount of added water, this portion will be approx. 4,5 dl.
Energy content per portion is 274 kcal.

Beetroot (35%), potatoes, feta cheese (10%), chopped tomatoes, onions, spices, salt. May contain traces of celery and mustard.

Designed for special forces, now available for you!

• Taste that reminds you of home, even in the toughest conditions
• A satisfying meal, loads of energy, no empty calories
• Only natural and balanced ingredients

FAST & EASY TO PREPARE – Even in the Most Difficult Conditions.
Ready in 10 minutes, just add hot water, wait a bit and enjoy.

• Open the package
• Remove oxygen absorber
• Add hot water
• Stir
• Close the bag and wait 7-9 min


– Unique material:

• Fully integrates comfort and efficiency, can be placed directly over a small fire

– Easy to reach:
• Lower package, so no need to get messy to reach the bottom

– No folds or corners:
• Rounded corners inside mean no more fishing around for that last bit

– A seal you can trust:
• Special design grip means no more leaks

– Recognised design:
• Received the 2017 Bronze Egg award in packaging design

PRESERVATION TIME: 8 YEARS (unless otherwise stated above)
Thanks to a special technology, Tactical Foodpack can offer a “best before” of 8 years. Even after that, the food is completely edible, as the environment created is 99.9% dry and thus, unsuitable for bacteria. However, after that time, the taste and structure of food may change a bit and in order to ensure the best quality, our preservation time is currently set to 8 years.

• Manufacturer: Tactical Foodpack
• Country of origin: Estonia
• EAN: 4744698010151
• Taric: 21041000
• Order number: TF0015

Beetroot and Feta Soup -Tactical Foodpack Beetroot and Feta Soup [Tactic...

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