Ett "måste" för alla resenärer som vill försäkra sig om tillgång till drickbart vatten.

En tablett räcker till 1 liter vatten och verkar inom 30 minuter. Silverjoner konserverar vattnet i upp till 6 månader.
Om vattnet är väldigt smutsigt rekommenderas att först filtrera vattnet innan tabletten tillsätts.


Fast and effective water disinfection for clear water. Essential item for any traveller to avoid contaminated water (e.g. brushing teeth, drinking water). Preserves water for up to 6 months by using silver ions. Use in combination with a filter in turbid water. Application: Camping, travelling and hiking.

• Active ingredients: Chlorine
• Contact time for bacteria (min): 30
• Contact time for virus (min): 30
• Contact time for giardia (min): 120
• Form: tablets
• Shelf-life for conservation (years): 5
• Content: 100
• Dosage: 1/1 l
• Treated quantity: 100 l

The current batch is best before: 01/2025 (5 Years)

Manufacturer Link:

• Manufacturer: Katadyn
• Order Number: MF40445



Katadyn is the Swiss based global market leader for mobile, customized water treatment systems and products for outdoor and marine applications. Following the claim "Making water drinking water", Katadyn develops and manufactures portable water filters, desalinators, and disinfectants. Whether outdoors, at sea, for emergency preparedness, humanitarian, tactical missions or industrial applications, clean drinking water becomes a reality with Katadyn products. With targeted company acquisitions of highly specialized brands Trek’n Eat, AlpineAire Foods, Optimus, Pharmavoyage, Micropur, Certisil, Steripen and Spectra Watermakers, the Katadyn Group has continued to strengthen its market position. Today, the corporate group is the go-to for effective solutions in the world of self-sufficient nutrition and drinking water supply. Still headquartered in Switzerland today, all products are engineered to high standard of quality, reliability, and ease of use. For this reason, many international aid organizations and governments rely on Katadyn for survival and life-saving solutions.        
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