TASK-FORCE-2215 Mohawk drybag är en robust vattentät duffel bag speciellt designad för utmanande utomhusaktiviteter där vatten spelar en roll.

Ett robust och förstärkt handtag gör att väskan alltid är smidigt och lätt att ta med sig.
Väskan är även lätt att fästa på till exempel andra väskor eller en motorcykel tack vare de olika fästremmarna.

Väskan är perfekt för sporter som kajakpaddling, forsränning, segling, dykning och andra utomhusaktiviteter.
Utrustad med ett luftventilationssystem för att släppa ut luft ur påsen.
Innehållet i påsen håller sig torrt tack vare det vattentäta PVC-tyget med förseglade sömmar och det funktionella stängningssystemet.


The TASK-FORCE-2215 Mohawk drybag is a sturdy waterproof duffel bag especially designed for challenging outdoor activities in which water plays a role.

You can easily take this waterproof duffel with you thanks to the sturdy reinforced handle.
This bag is also easy to attach to, for example, other bags or a motorcycle thanks to the various fastening straps.

The drybag is perfect for sports such as kayaking, rafting, sailing, diving and other outdoor activities. A.o. equipped with an air ventilation system to let air out of the bag. The contents of the bag stay dry thanks to the waterproof PVC fabric with sealed seams and the functional closure system.

• Various fastening straps with quality ITW buckles and D-rings
• Reinforced carrying handle
• Equipped with air ventilation system to let air out of the bag
• Handy closing system to make the bag waterproof
• Material: 100% PVC
• Dimensions: 50 x 23 x 23cm (Closed bag)
• Weight: ~900g
• Volume: 25 liters

Resistant to splash water and brief immersion.
Suitable for outdoor activities such as Motorcycling, Kayaking, Rafting, Boating, Hiking, Camping, Fishing, Winter Sports, Canoeing etc.

To ensure waterproofing:
Close the opening of the bag and roll it over 2 to 3 times, then attach the buckle closure.

Pay attention! The bag is not intended to be deliberately kept underwater. Not suitable for diving etc.


• Condition: New
• Color: Urban Camouflage
• Manufacturer: Task Force 2215
• Order Number: VOI353615


Task Force 2215

Task Force 2215® is a new premium trademark within the Tactical and Outdoor industry. The idea for the TF-2215® brand came from people experienced in the tactical environment. Due an increased demand for high quality, durable and especially modular equipment, the idea for this new brand came alive. The brand is developed by the Dutch company Van Os. The Company, leveraging over 65 years of experience in developing military/outdoor equipment, has created a professional range of products in cooperation with end-users from within the outdoor industry. Purpose-built products with a clean and practical design, to be used in various environments. If you enjoy the outdoor lifestyle and are always craving for adrenaline, the products of Task Force 2215® will probably suit you well. The brand focuses on the active people in the world. People who like a hike in the mountains, the adrenaline of a challenging airsoft game, travelers exploring the world and professionals who like to spend their day on the shooting range. Only top-notch materials are being used, Cordura Nylon®, YKK® Zippers and Duraflex® Buckles. All the apparel is threated with a Teflon® layer against wear and tear, which benefits the durability of the products. Task Force 2215® are enthusiastic about creating new products and will continue developing new apparel and gear to support you during tactical activities or outdoor adventures.
Task Force 2215
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