Högkvalitativ filt med värmereflekterande aluminium som skyddar mot nedkylning.

Räddningsfilten hjälper dig att behålla värmen för att kroppen inte ska bli nedkyld.
Även om det är varmt ute kan man snabbt bli nerkyld om man skadar sig eller trillar i vattnet.
Om olyckan är framme så vecklar du ut filten, sveper den runt dig och håller den så nära kroppen som möjligt.
Räddningsfilten är vind- och vattentät och ryms enkelt i din ficka, på båten eller i bilens handskfack.

Om du ska ut på längre vandringar eller expeditioner är räddningsfilten ett 'måste'.


High-quality blanket with heat-reflecting aluminum that protects against cooling.

The rescue blanket helps you keep warm so that your body does not get chilled.
Even if it is hot outside, you can quickly get chilled if you injure yourself or fall into the water.
If the accident occurs, unfold the blanket, wrap it around you and keep it as close to the body as possible.
The rescue blanket is wind and waterproof and fits easily in your pocket, on the boat or in the car's glove compartment.

If you are going on longer hikes or expeditions, the rescue blanket is a 'must'.

• NATO approved
• NSN-7210-99-991-0460
• Reflects back body heat
• Retain up to 90% of body heat
• Wind and waterproof
• Small and light
• Length: 202 cm
• Width: 132 cm
• Weight: ~85 g
• Material: Aluminumized plastic foil

• Condition: New
• Color: Aluminium
• Manufacturer: BCB International
• COO: United Kingdom
• Order Number: VOI319391


BCB International

For over 160 years, BCB International has built up knowledge and expertise in developing life-saving equipment for the frontline services. Our facility has held a MHRA GMP license for over 30 years, with a heritage of working with the UK government department and military, as well as exporting almost 40% of our products. Our longstanding and loyal workforce have a wealth of experience in contract manufacturing, supply chain operations, testing and product development. These skills along with our innovation and passion guarantees consistency, quality and safety. We’ve devoted our time, resources and investment into applying this knowledge when manufacturing hand sanitiser to help with the COVID-19 epidemic. We are currently supply to the Welsh and English NHS, British police forces and many others. Our mission is to protect the protectors and help save lives. We won’t let you down.        
BCB International
Vikt 85 g