Ett ursnyggt bälte i mycket hög kvalitet som tillverkats av det välkända 101 INC.
Gediget och mycket vackert metallspänne med U.S. Air Force emblem.
Fullt justerbar. Du kan justera ditt bälte exakt till den perfekta passformen.
Robust låssystem integrerat i spännet.
Finns i längderna 115cm, 130cm och 3 olika färger.


A gorgeous belt of very high quality manufactured by the well-known 101 INC.
Solid and very beautiful metal buckle with U.S. Air Force emblem.
Fully adjustable. You can adjust your belt precisely to the perfect fit.
Robust locking system integrated in the buckle.
Available in lengths 115cm, 130cm and 3 different colours.

• Adjustable high quality canvas belt
• U.S. Air Force "Military buckle" in metal
• Length: ~115cm
• Width: ~3,5cm
• Material: 100% Cotton/Canvas

• Condition: New
• Color: Black
• Manufacturer: 101 INC
• Order Number: VOI241342-black115


101 INC

The 101 INC® (101 INCORPORATED) brand was founded in 2012 and focuses on the dynamic tactical and outdoor worlds. We provide well-thought-out equipment for tactical-minded people and passionate outdoor adventurers. It’s tactical outdoor gear for two adrenaline-filled worlds! These are special activities that require special equipment. 101 INC® understands this. We specialise in it. It’s what we do.
101 INC
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