30ml Bottle of Stormsure silicone fluid.
Use for maintaining latex seals in good condition, and lubricating drysuit zips.

• Condition: New
• Color: Clear
• Manufacturer: Stormsure UK
• Order Number: STMSIL



Stormsure is a British brand dedicated to making your adventures fuss-free. They make and sell products to help you repair and maintain your gear so you can enjoy the most of the outdoors. Their solutions help you save money and make your tents, shoes and wetsuits last for many more years of outdoor excursions to come. From amazingly strong bonding glues through to adhesive tape strips and proofing sprays, Stormsure’s products really do what they say on the tin (and tube, and bottle!). Their repair system’s unique strength is its flexibility; Stormsure’s patches and glues actually move with the material they’re attached to, rather than becoming brittle. Packaged in travel-friendly tubes and strips, they’re the perfect portable DIY repair kit!        
Vikt 55 g