US military improved tactical load bearing vest.
Used to load up on rifle ammunition and additional grenades while remaining concealed in woodland camouflage.
Improved over its predecessor with the use of a mesh construction, angled pouches and stronger material.
Ideal for the trigger-happy airsoft and paintball players who require extra ammo on the field.

Commonly known as the LBV88 / ITLBV / TLBV, the Individual Tactical Load-Bearing Vest is constructed of a seven-ounce Cordura nylon fabric printed in the woodland camouflage pattern.
The vest is a part of the 'Individual Integrated Fighting System (IIFS)', and is compatible with a standard pistol belt (not included).  

The Tactical Load Bearing Vest can carry a total of six 30-round magazines for the M16 style rife.
There are also two frag grenade pouches.
The shoulders are protected by 1/2 inch foam padding.
The vest closes in front with two chest straps using plastic quick release buckles.
Two 2 1/4 inch webbing and two D-Rings sewn to the back of the tactical load-carrying vest can be used as equipment attachment points.
Compatible with ALICE gear.  

The vest is fitted with quick-adjust tabs on the sides and two adjustable front buckles allowing it to fit a wide range of body sizes.

• Durable nylon construction
• Four M16 magazine pouches with snap dome and Velcro fasteners
• Two grenade pouches
• Side cords for adjusting the waist size
• Two quick-release front buckles
• Front and rear shoulder pad adjustments
• Rear pack attachment points
• Loops on the shoulders for additional pouch attachment
• 10 belt loops for additional LC-3 pistol belt (not included), capable of holding extra magazine and canteen pouches
• Far more lightweight than most MOLLE systems and much more breathable

This vest is very popular with those who plays Paintball, Airsoft and MilSim, but is also widely used by hunters and nature photographers.

• Condition: New production of NSN: 8415-01-296-8878
• Color: Woodland camouflage
• Size: Fully adjustable
• Manufacturer: MFH Germany
• Order Number: 04543T

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