The legendary HK MP5 with revised Gearbox and Dual Power System, up to 1000 shots / min. This Airsoft gun can either be operated with a rechargeable battery or be charged by hand on the cocking lever. The Electronic Blow Back makes a more realistic shooting experience. Through the sliding shaft, the MP5 can be customized to the game needs. The delivery includes a matching battery and a charger.

The submachine gun was made mostly from a durable polymer and additionally reinforced with metal elements. Metal parts include: iron sights, internal barrel, magazine release button, trigger, tactical sling swivels and stock. The battery is stored in the forward grip.

The submachine gun has a fire mode selector, which can be set in one of three positions: safe (cannot fire), semi-automatic and full-auto.

A light (1370g with a battery and loaded magazine) and handy (short, the stock is adjustable in length) submachine gun that is ideal as a back-up gun or a CQB weapon. The gun features a dual power supply system – it can be powered by the included battery or operate by manually pulling the spring (via a pull of the bolt towards the stock). Apart from that, the submachine gun features an electric Blowback (mobile bolt) that provides an additional dose of realism during usage. As in the original the rear sight has four-step regulation. The submachine gun allows for full-auto fire with 1000 shots per minute reaction time of 0.2 of a second from the squeeze of the trigger to the first shot. In addition, the gun has an adjustable Hop-Up system which can increase the range of the gun by giving the BBs a spin. Hop-up adjustment is done via a slide located on the receiver.

The submachine gun also comes with a capacious and simple in use, hi-cap magazine with a capacity of up to 200 BBs.

The set includes:
• MP5 A5 EBB Airsoft Submachine Gunica
• Magazine
• Battery
• Charger for the battery
• Test BB pack
• Manual
• Additional safety from accidental fire

• Name: MP5 A5 EBB Submachine Gun
• Series: MP5
• Battery Capacity: 800 mAh
• Battery included: Yes
• Battery Voltage: 7,2 V
• Blow Back: Yes
• Gearbox version: Special Gearbox
• Rate of fire up to 1000 rounds / minute
• Hop-Up: Adjustable
• Inner barrel length: 220 mm
• Length: 500/650 mm
• Licensed Gun: Heckler-Koch
• Made of: Metal + Polymer
• Magazine capacity: 200 pcs BB
• Magazine type: Hi-Cap magazine
• Propulsion / Powered by: Electric
• Type of fire: Auto
• Velocity: 230 FPS
• Weight: 1370 g
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• Condition: New
• Color: Black
• Manufacturer: Umarex (Heckler-Koch)
• Order Number: AIR1022

UMAREX - Heckler & Koch MP5 Submachine Umarex – Heckler & ...

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