En bra yxa att ha med sig på vandring som även kan fungera som hacka eller kniv.
Lätt och smidig att bära och förvara.

The Tomahawk Tactical from MFH is a compact ax which has openings in the blade for different size bolts. The handle, made of ABS plastic, has an eyelet at the end of the handle. The Nylon sheath secures the tomahawk with Velcro and a snap. Furthermore, the sheath has a belt loop on the back.

Total length: ≈ 40.5cm
Blade Size: ≈ 14 x 10 cm
Blade length: ≈ 10 cm
Weight tomahawk: ≈ 560 g
Weight with sheath: ≈ 610 g

ATTENTION: You must be over 18 to buy!

• Condition: New
• Color: Black Metal
• Manufacturer: MFH, Germany
• Order Number: MF44305

Tactical Tomahawk 'Tactical' Friluftsyxa Tactical Tomahawk – Fril...

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