New technologies were used in Ni-MH batteries, thanks to which it was possible to obtain high efficiency and high voltage. Ni-MH batteries belong to the group of batteries that have a huge energy density, therefore, with the same volume, they have a greater capacity than batteries made in older technologies. The package made of Ni-MH cells is ideal for use in ASG replicas. The undoubted advantage of NiMH cells is the fact that they do not have the same memory effect as NiCd batteries, which significantly extends their service life. An additional positive feature is the weight-to-capacity ratio.

• Battery Capacity: 1600 mAh
• Battery Voltage: 8.4 V
• Cell Type: NiMH
• Number of Cells: 7
• Plug Type: Tamiya mini
• Dimensions: 115mm x 33mm x 18mm
• Battery Weight: 190 g

• Condition: New
• Color: Black
• Manufacturer: GFC
• Order Number: AIR1005

GFC Energy 1600mAh 8.4v NiMh Battery GFC Energy 1600mAh 8.4v NiMh B...

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