En regnjacka i extremt hög kvalitet!

If you’re in need of a quality genuine issue jacket, you shouldn’t need to look further than this fantastic piece of outdoor clothing.
Rugged, durable and loaded with features that will make any outdoor enthusiast happy.

Featuring quality waterproof material, a tuck away hood, drawstring tabs, and a two way heavy duty zip create come together to make up this genuine issue jacket.
Perfect for hunters, campers, hikers, trekkers, paintballers/airsofters and much more.

• Original British Army
• Waterproof Windproof & Breathable
• Three layer laminate bonded construction
• Fortex 5000 breathable fabric
• Lightweight Warm Stylish
• Zipped Pockets
• Tuck away hood
• Adjustable Velcro wrists
• Drawstring tabs
• Heavy duty two way zip

NATO Jackets Standard Sizes:
• 160-88 = [Small-Short] Height:155-165cm, Chest:86-92cm
• 160-104= [XL-Short] Height:155-165cm, Chest:102-106cm
• 170-88 = [Small-Short] Height:165-175cm, Chest:86-92cm
• 170-96 = [Medium-Short] Height:165-175cm, Chest:94-98cm
• 170-104= [XL-Short] Height:165-175cm, Chest:102-106cm
• 180-88 = [Small] Height:175-185cm, Chest:86-92cm
• 180-96 = [Medium] Height:175-185cm, Chest:94-98cm
• 180-104= [Large] Height:175-185cm, Chest:102-106cm
• 180-112= [XL] Height:175-185cm, Chest:110-114cm
• 190-96 = [Small-Long] Height:185-195cm, Chest:94-98cm
• 190-104= [Medium/Large-Long] Height:185-195cm, Chest:102-106cm
• 190-112= [XL-Long] Height:185-195cm, Chest:110-114cm
• 190-120= [XXL-Long] Height:185-195cm, Chest:114-118cm

Please note that this is military surplus, therefore there may be small variations in condition, model and color.

• Condition: Never used / NOS (New Old Stock) (long-term stored in military storage)
• Color: Black Dyed Camouflage
• Manufacturer: Military surplus product

british army waterproof rain jacket (GROUP) Regnjacka – British Army...

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