En mycket tillförlitlig militär gas mask med hydration pack och många andra fördelar.
Medföljande filter monteras på insidan av masken, vilket gör att masken inte har något utstickande filter som är i vägen.
Masken har ett avancerat system av kanaler för att transportera utandningsluften, detta system motverkar effektivt imma och fukt på insidan av masken.
Gasmaskens unika filtersystem av högsta skyddsklass består av två kolfilter som tagits fram speciellt för att underlätta andningen och förlänga bytesintervallen.


This gas mask is very popular in Mil-Sim, Paintball and Airsoft, but also very popular collectors mask.

• MP4-B Mask LIMITED EDITION [Size 1 Small] (Unused)
• 2x Filter packs (Unused asbestos free filters)
• 2x Reserve lens
• 1x Canister (Anti-fog wipes)
• 1x Carrying case including two different straps

Manufactured in the following sizes:
• Size 0 = XS (Kids) [up to 920mm]
• Size 1 = Small (most women and youngsters) [920-955mm]
• Size 2 = Medium (universal & fits most people) [955-990mm]
• Size 3 = Large [990-1025mm] *Very Rare Size*
• Size 4 = XL [over 1025mm] *Extreme Rare Size*

How the correct size is calculated.

Take the below two measurements and sum them up:
• Head circumference – along the chin, jaw and top of the head.
• The distance from the ear cartilage, above the browbones to the other ear.

The sum of the measurements should be compared with the above size chart.


This is a new (NOS) genuine Polish military gas mask complete with all accessories. (See pictures).
Constructed of heavy duty form fitting rubber and very adjustable.

The MP-4 was one of many Eastern European clones of the M17 mask, and was issued to the Polish People Army.

The Polish MP-4 is unlicensed clone of the famous US M17 gas mask series. First prototype models were made in 1970.
They were made of black rubber with silver eye lens frames, and voice emitter.

The MP-4 only had minor updates to its American counterpart. Most notable differences are lenses,
they are slightly farther apart, the frames and voice diaphragm being a silver colour, as well as the "nose" being slightly less pronounced.
First production models being made from olive-green rubber. It wasn't until 1983 when they changed the mixture and rubber to a grey colour, albeit being a change to the mask in general, it still retained its name.

The Polish MP-4B was a LIMITED-production version of the MP-4. It only had minor differences from it's base design however.

Around the 1990s, drinking tubes became a popular feature for military and civilian masks. The mask differs from the MP-4 with the aforementioned drinking tube and by a different voice emitter cover. The drinking tube is located on the bottom and is covered by a cap, which can be threaded on and off, similar to the Israeli M15. It can also be moved around, the wearer could move the tube closer to their mouth if desired. The mask was soon pushed aside, as did the cheek filter design for the superior STANAG compatible MP-5. Then later by the newer MP-6.

MP-4 carrier design is similiar to original M17s. The main pouch contains place for mask and anti-fog device, and like all other pockets is tampered by metal poppers. Bag has two little external bays to hide bag straps when not in use and bigger one for field bandage.
The mask was nicknamed the "Bulldog" due to its appearance.

• Filter: Internal Cheek Filters
• Weight: 0.838 kg, /w bag 1.232 kg
• Country: Poland
• Period: 1973 to 1990s
• Issued to: Ludowe Wojsko Polskie [Armed Forces], Sily Zbrojne Rzeczpospolitej Polskiej [Armed Forces]
• Manufacturer: Maskpol

The gas mask are made of butyl rubber which makes them completely resistant to the effects of atmospheric oxidation.
Since the gas masks have been stored in a mobilization store for a very long time, both mask and bags can have different color changes.
There are also different manufacturing years on the masks, therefore during manufacture, different colors of rubber have been used in different years.


• Date and markings shown in the photo may vary and the gas mask filter is expired.
• Not classified as civilian personal protective equipment.
• Safety features cannot be guaranteed therefore the equipment is sold as collectibles.

Please note that this is military surplus, therefore there may be small variations in model and color.

• Condition: Never used / NOS (New Old Stock) (long-term stored in military storage)
• Color: Chemical Grey
• Manufacturer: Military surplus product
• Order Number: MIL00150-1

Vikt 1300 g


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