Praktisk och funktionell 6-delars "Swiss army knife" av typen Bundeswehr German Army.
Multiverktyget från MFH är utrustat med mycket praktiska verktyg för camping, fiske, jakt men passar även som survival tool.


Practical and functional 6-piece "Swiss army knife" in Bundeswehr German Army type.
The multitool from MFH is equipped with very practical tools for camping.

• Knife blade with smooth edge, saw and double serrated
• Bottle opener
• Corkscrew
• Drill awl
• Pliers with wire cutter
• Textured plastic grip plates
• German eagle badge
• Fastening eyelet at the handle end
• Polyester etui with belt loop
• Weight: ~ 180 g
• Length open: ~ 19 cm
• Blade length: ~ 8 cm

• Condition: New
• Color: Olive
• Manufacturer: MFH Germany
• Order Number: MF44043

Vikt 180 g