Militära högenergikex som utformats för bruk av NATO styrkor.
Ultra lätt och slimmad förpackning gör att den smidigt går ner i dom flesta fickor.

Trek'n Eat överlevnadskex kan användas i alla överlevnadssituationer.
Kräver ingen beredning och kan ätas direkt från förpackningen.

Trek'n Eat emergency food är främst utformad för militära överlevnadssituationer men är även perfekt för långa vandringar och expeditioner.


This emergency food survival ration from Katadyn is a further development of the German Bundeswehr survival ration and a NATO-approved emergency ration . The bars are packed airtight and watertight and provide quick energy, especially during very strenuous physical activities. Survival Ration is vegan and lactose-free and comes in a compact pocket size.

• Eat slowly and chew well or chop up and stir with drinking water to make a porridge or energy drink.

• Packed airtight and watertight
• Provides energy quickly
• Lactose-free, vegan
• Contents: 2 bars
• Total package weight: 125 g – corresponds to 2,400 kJ / 575 kcal
• Best before: 07/2040 (20 years shelftime)

• Baked wheat
• Palm fat
• Sugar
• Soy protein
• Barley malt extract

• Calorific value: 1,920 kJ / 460 kcal
• Fat: 17.3 g, thereof. Saturated fatty acids: 8.6 g
• Carbohydrates: 60.2 g, thereof. Sugar: 1.4 g
• Protein: 14.5 g
• Salt: 0.5 g


• Manufacturer: Trek'n Eat (Katadyn)
• Order Number: MF40350


Trek'n Eat

No matter how you enjoy your outdoor experience, the next meal is always something to look forward to. Lightweight, convenient and easy are priorities and we have those nailed. But Trek’n Eat goes a step further in making sure you luxuriate in every nutritious, refueling, lip-smacking bite. Unappetizing preservatives, artificial colorings and flavor enhancers are never put into the bag. The high quality Trek'n Eat products are made in Germany, are waterproof and resealable and simply delicious.
Trek'n Eat
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