According to most reviews, REAL produces the world's absolute best field rations, made from the best raw materials which gives a fantastic taste.

NATO approved field ration that comprises all requirements for both nutrition and tricky logistical challenges. Backed up by probably some of the worlds toughest product tests, a unique product with great flexibility and quality in every detail.
REAL's entire concept is based on the Norwegian Armed Forces requirements for this type of product (cold climate rations), with regard to nutritional content, functionality, etc. It has been proven and developed through 30 years of experience.
Very small and light packaging that easily fits in your pocket on the field jacket.

REAL Turmat Meal – Reindeer Stew – Rengryta

Potato, reindeer meat (reindeer meat (83%), salt, stabilizer (E450, E451)) (14%), onion, carrot, wheat flour, cream (milk) (7,5%), rapeseed oil, lingonberries (6%), champignon (4%), game bouillon (yeast extract, reindeer meat, salt, beef extract, maltodextrin, rapeseed oil, onion, seasoning), tomato paste, seasoning, antioxidant (ascorbic acid).

Allergens: gluten, lactose, milk

Energy 578 kcal

Shelf life
The product has 5 years shelf life from the manufacturing date. Store at room temperature. An opened bag should be treated as a fresh product. Please eat the meal within 2 hours of adding water.

Tear off the top of the bag at the indentation. Add warm water (3,9 dl) up to the level marker. Stir well, close the bag using the ziplock and let the dish rest for 8 minutes.

• Manufacturer: Drytech Norway
• Order Number: DT5218



Every adventure needs preparation. It really doesn’t matter if you are crossing the ice on Greenland or just climbing that local mountain with your kids. That’s why we started preparing your adventure a long time ago. In Northern Norway, we are privileged with an abundance of tasty nutrition sources that contain lots of natural energy. In order to bring you the rawness, the taste and the true wilderness of the High North, we have selected and prepared the very best ingredients for you. Every meal is made by a skillful team of chefs and highly competent staff. Our unique drying process removes only the water from the original dish. This secures you a nutritious and lightweight meal – really easy to prepare without removing a grain of the rich flavour          
Vikt 160 g