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Ilford Galerie Prestige Smooth Pearl 310g/m²
Pappret ger dig och dina utskrifter den lyster ni förtjänar. Den senaste tekniken inom HDR (High Dynamic Range) och optisk klar ytbeläggning ger enastående bildkvalitet och hållbarhet vid utskrifter från kända märken som Canon, Epson och HP, bland många andra. Den höga densiteten på 310g/m², ger en vit nyans som genererar utskrifter med optimerat färgomfång och hög skärpa. Pearl-ytan minimerar bländingseffekter, fingeravtryck och ger dina bilder ett professionellt uttryck.

• Rekommenderat butikspris: 498 kr
• Märke: Ilford
• Modell: Galerie Prestige Smooth Pearl
• Vikt /m²: 310g/m²
• Storlek: A3
• Antal: 25 st

• Professionell pearl (satin) yta som minimerar bländningseffekter och fingeravtryck
• Superb kvalitet för utskrift av fotografier
• Tjockt papper med hög densitet
• Ger bläcket en hög färgmättnad på utskriften
• Fungerar med de flesta bläck och pigmentbaserade bläckstråleskrivare från alla större tillverkare
• PEFC certifierat papper


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Ilford Gallery Prestige Smooth Pearl 310g/m²
The paper gives you and your prints the luster you deserve. The latest technology in HDR (High Dynamic Range) and optically clear surface coating provides outstanding image quality and durability for prints from well-known brands such as Canon, Epson and HP, among many others. The high density of 310g / m², gives a white shade that generates prints with optimized color gamut and high sharpness. The Pearl surface minimizes glare effects, fingerprints and gives your images a professional look.

• Recommended retail price: SEK 498
• Brand: Ilford
• Model: Gallery Prestige Smooth Pearl
• Weight /m²: 310g/m²
• Size: A3
• Number: 25 pcs

• Professional pearl (satin) surface that minimizes glare effects and fingerprints
• Superb quality for printing photos
• Thick, high-density paper
• Gives the ink a high color saturation on the printout
• Works with most inks and pigment-based inkjet printers from all major manufacturers
• PEFC certified paper

Photo Paper
At 310g /m², this is a heavier photo paper that does not bend after printing, as many thinner papers do. The photo paper is significantly more massive than a regular printing paper that is between about 60-120 grams. The paper thickness of Ilford Galerie Prestige Smooth Gloss is 310 micrometers and the high opacity / density of 99% gives the paper a white hue that gives prints with optimal color gamut and high sharpness.

PEFC Certified Paper
PEFC, a program for the endorsement of forest certification, is a certification for environmentally friendly, sustainable and resource-intensive forestry. The certification means, among other things, taking into account biodiversity, ecosystems, bans on hazardous chemicals, responsibility for regrowth and the welfare of workers. This certification allows you to use the photo paper for your productions in good conscience.

ICC profiles
For Ilford photo paper, there are ready-made ICC profiles for both Canon and Epson printers, which you can download and use for your printer to make the prints as accurate as possible.


• Condition: New
• Manufacturer: Ilford
• Order Number: DST00100



QUALITY AND INNOVATION IN PRINT Since inception in 1879, ILFORD has been a name associated with photography. Whilst the company has evolved over the years, the drive to provide customers with world-class products is as strong as it was over 140 years ago. As one of the earliest adopters of digital imaging technology for the photographic and commercial wide format markets, ILFORD has been at the forefront of innovation in the industry, demonstrating the ability to design products in line with changing technologies. Experience is paramount and ILFORD has used its knowledge to fine-tune its core competencies to excel in producing innovative products over the years. As a result, ILFORD is one of the only companies in the world to offer its customers a ‘best in class’ solution for producing outstanding printed images and displays, regardless of their application. The ILFORD name is well established in the history of imaging and today continues to be associated with cutting edge technology thanks to its strong links to the photographic and commercial wide format markets, research and development, technical know-how and manufacturing capabilities.        
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