Specna Arms SA-J09 AK74 EDGE Automatic AEG Carbine – High Quality AiRSOFT Rifle
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The Specna Arms EDGE range combines innovative solutions and features that most airsoft manufacturers do not offer in the same weapon. The EDGE model series emphasizes the fine finish of the outer parts of the gun and the advanced electrical parts. The EDGE model range could be characterized as a pre-tuned airsoft gun that can be lifted straight out of the box onto the playing field without the need for modifications to achieve the best performance.

Like the original, the SA-J09 AK74 Edge is mainly made of high-quality steel. In addition to the frame, the box cover, outer chimney, trigger arch, chest release, fire selector, gas pipe guard, flame extinguisher, log strap brackets, rear sight, cleaning stick, log brackets and other small parts are also made of steel. The other remaining metal parts are cast from zinc-reinforced aluminum, which is coated with a fine coating that gives a realistic look. Like the exemplary firearms, various polymers have been used in the pistol grip, handles, and supports.

• Frame of pressed steel sheet
• Steel one-piece outer chimney
• Metal hop-up unit
• Accurate 6.03mm inner barrel
• Enter & Convert ™ quick spring change
• In the package a lower power M90 level spring
• Barrel end with 24 mm CW and 14 mm CCW threads
• Side wedge on the side of the frame for attaching Russian-style sights or sight rails
• Realistic VFC based structure
• Spacious battery compartment for stick-type batteries under the drawer lid
• a full-length stern that folds to the side of the gun
• “Magwell spacer”, a filling piece in the magazine shaft that facilitates quick magazine changes
• Designed to work seamlessly with Specna Arms S-MAG mid-cap cases
• E&C quick spring replacement

The Specna Arms J-Series airsoft guns are equipped with an Enter & Convert ™ quick spring change, which allows for easy and fast gun power increase or decrease by changing the spring. This feature is especially necessary if the weapon is used, for example, in forest and indoor game areas with different exit speed limits. In the J-Series, quick spring replacement requires a gun handle to remove the bottom screw, charging handle, and fire selector, after which the gearbox can be lifted out of the body. After this, the spring can be changed through the opening behind the gearbox in seconds and there is no need to disassemble the gearbox.

J-Series rifles are basically compatible with near AK model AEG magazines, but for those magazine models, small modifications may need to be made to the magazines before the magazines are introduced. We recommend using Specna Arms original S-mag magazines to ensure the best compatibility. The package comes with two polymer Specna Arms 130 ball S-MAG mid-cap cases.

The J-series airsoft rifles are equipped with the Specna Arms ORION V3 gearbox, known for its tough performance when lifted straight out of the box. The gearbox subassembly has been chosen so that the mechanism works as standard with an M140 level spring as standard. Inside the gearbox you will find e.g.

• Reinforced polymeric steel toothed piston
• Aluminum cylinder head sealed with two o-rings
• Aluminum piston head sealed and bearing with two o-rings
• Ball bearing spring guide
• Steel strollers

The set does not include a battery or a charger.

The set includes:
• Replacement of the EDGE model series
• 2 pcs S-MAG mid-cap 125 ball case
• M90 level replacement spring
• Instructions for use (in English)

• Name: SA-J09 EDGE
• Output energy: about 1.40J / 0.90J
• Output speed (0.20g):  115 m/s / 90 m/s
• Frame: steel
• Box size and type: 130 balls, mid-cap
• Wheel box: V3
• Hop-up: Adjustable
• Blowback: No
• Weapon length: 830/595 mm
• Inner barrel length: 400 mm
• Weight: 3300 g
• Power: Electric
• Compatible battery / gas type: 9.6v stick battery / Titan Power 7.4V stick battery with 3000mAh mini connector
• Engine: Short
• Forms of fire: Once and series fire
• Included in the package: Ase, 2x mid-cap lipas

• Condition: New
• Color: Black
• Manufacturer: Specna Arms
• Order Number: AIR1023


Specna Arms

Specna Arms is a popular manufacturer of airsoft guns, based in Hong Kong. Their portfolio also includes parts, Specna Arms BBs, airsoft gun accessories, as well as a wide range of military and tactical equipment, such as uniforms. They are one of the most recognizable brands on the airsoft market, with a long history of providing high-quality products for airsoft fanatics. Specna Arms equipment has been tested by thousands of users, guaranteeing that they offer some of the best airsoft guns and accessories available on the ASG market. The wide range of airsoft guns manufactured by the company is divided into particular product lines, among which we can distinguish the polymer Core line, the innovative Edge series, or the One series, with the widest selection of models. Everyone is guaranteed to find something to their satisfaction - regardless if you are just starting your adventure with airsoft, or are an experienced airsoft player. Specna Arms airsoft guns Specna Arms offer - first and foremost - electric assault rifles, based mainly on the AR15 design. These will prove themselves mainly in combat in open terrain, where long range is necessary. If you seek even longer range, because - for example - you specialize in sharpshooting, Specna Arms also offers airsoft sniper rifles. Their offer is organized by airsoft gun series, each of which has characteristic features related to the construction and additional functions. The most popular series of Specna Arms airsoft guns Specna Arms airsoft guns feature various types of systems for quick spring replacement: Enter & Convert (as in the Specna Arms SA-B01 ONE ™ airsoft gun), SAEC, or ESA - all proprietary designs of their manufacturer. Some models are also equipped with electronics from the Gate company, allowing greater control and use of all its possibilities. You can also count on reinforced gearboxes, precision barrels, a unique Specna Arms design magazine and many other features, as well as mechanisms characteristic of this manufacturer, such as the Specna Arms V2 gearbox. The confirmation of the high quality and innovation of the company’s products is the licensing of Specna Arms airsoft guns by the American firearms manufacturer - Rock River Arms. SPECNA ONE It all began with the ONE line - the origin of the Specna Arms brand. It has been improved and modified over the years, and the result is a very precise refinement of the airsoft guns belonging to this series. A durable gearbox, Enter & Convert and SAEC quick spring replacement systems, a full metal body, a very wide range of models and great quality of workmanship - these are the features of the ONE series, known and appreciated for many years. You can find them in the Specna Arms SA-B02 ONE ™ airsoft rifle, Specna Arms HK416 (SA-H11 ONE ™) or Specna Arms SA-B04 ONE ™. Specna Arms EDGE 2.0 The EDGE AR-15 series is the latest AEG line of airsoft guns in the Specna Arms catalog, which should meet the expectations of even the most demanding shooters. These airsoft assault rifles were produced under the license of the American firearms manufacturer Rock River Arms and come equipped with the GATE technology. The EDGE 2.0 series takes the Specna Arms brand to a higher level of realism and performance. Its model examples are the SA-H23 EDGE 2.0 ™ or the SA-H22 EDGE 2.0 ™ airsoft assault rifles. G-SERIES A line of airsoft guns from the EDGE series, featuring a polymer body. This is, of course, a nod towards realism, bringing the series closer to the real firearm. Realism is also added by the installed EBB system, which can be easily deactivated if necessary. Inside the G series you will find a reinforced gearbox with a micro-contact, extending the life of the electrical system. The wide range of models in the G series will allow each of you to choose something to suit your fancy - from small arms, ideal for CQB games, to rifles with integrated optics for long-range combat. Specna Arms CORE The CORE line is an extraordinary series of airsoft guns, that contributed to a real revolution on the airsoft market. They meet the needs of shooters who seek good quality equipment at an affordable price - which is what the CORE line provides. The combination of an attractive price, an innovative spring replacement system and high-quality materials make those airsoft guns perfect for both beginners and experienced users. Just like the SA-C08 CORE ™ airsoft rifle or the SV-98 CORE ™ airsoft sniper rifle. Other parts and accessories from Specna Arms The company's offer is comprehensive and its goal is to provide you with all the elements you need for your airsoft activities. Specna Arms also presents a wide range of high-quality internal parts for airsoft guns. Gears, pistons, cylinders, nozzles, gearbox bodies and many other parts that allow you to make small repairs or perform tuning by yourself. Thanks to this, you will be able to achieve maximum performance from your Specna Arms® airsoft gun. This brand never stands still. It is constantly developing and improving its products to provide you with optimal and even the best solutions in the field of airsoft.      
Specna Arms
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